Ovarian Cancer procedures:

Ovarian cancer is cancer that starts in
the ovaries. The ovaries are the
female reproductive organs that
produce eggs.

Instead of the nine-field IMRT
procedure originally delivered, the
patient received his RapidArc
radiotherapy treatment in two rotations
of the treatment machine, taking just
over two minutes.
RapidArc delivers a volumetric
intensity-modulated radiation therapy
(IMRT) treatment in a single or multiple
arcs of the treatment machine around
the patient and makes it possible to
deliver advanced image-guided IMRT
two to eight times faster than is
possible with conventional IMRT. As
well as making treatment a more
comfortable experience for patients,
faster delivery reduces the chance and
extent of patient motion during
treatment and enables more precise
dose distribution while helping to
protect nearby healthy tissue and
critical organs.
RapidArc Technology is  by Varian;

Novalis Tx System by Varian and

HIPEC has been used for many years
in patients with colon and pancreatic
cancer as well as mesothelioma, but
only recently has been used for
ovarian cancer.  
The ovary is the only organ in the
body that has its functioning cells
facing the interior of the abdominal
cavity.  Long before the cancer forms,
the cells are detached from the ovary
and can implant on the surfaces of the
diaphragm and bowel.  Because of
this, HIPEC is an ideal treatment in
select patients with ovarian cancer.
Performed immediately following
surgery, HIPEC delivers heated
chemotherapy into the abdominal
cavity, where it can penetrate diseased
tissue directly.  After the surgeon
removes as much visible cancer as
possible, the heated chemotherapy is
circulated throughout the abdomen in
an effort to kill the remaining cancer
cells.  The heated chemotherapy is
circulated for 90 minutes and then
removed and the abdomen is flushed
with a sterile saline solution.