Pancreas cancer radiotherapy:

Pancreatic carcinoma is cancer of the
A tumor or cancer in the pancreas may
often grow without any symptoms at
first. This may mean pancreatic cancer
is more advanced when it is first found.

Radiotherapy uses high energy rays to
kill cancer cells. It is not often used to
treat pancreatic cancer. But you may
have radiotherapy if it isn’t possible to
completely remove your pancreatic
cancer with surgery. Your doctor may
also suggest radiotherapy if you are
not fit enough to have a long
operation. Radiotherapy on its own is
very unlikely to cure your cancer. But it
may help to shrink it or slow its growth.
The actual treatment only takes a few
minutes. The radiographer will help
you into position on the couch and
make sure you are comfortable. You
will be left alone for the minute or two
the machine is switched on. But the
staff will be able to hear you through
an intercom, so call if you need them.
The treatment does not hurt. In fact,
you will not be able to feel it at all. You
must lie very still for the few minutes it
takes to treat you.

Having external radiotherapy does not
make you radioactive. It is perfectly
safe to be with other people, including
children, throughout your treatment

Varian's Trilogy system: combines the
capabilities of other external beam
radiation technologies -- including
Cyberknife, Tomotherapy, and Novalis;