Pregnancy prevention:

The gel has shown promising results in
a small phase 2 clinical trial.
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The NES/E2 transdermal gel  is  
rubbed into the skin of the arms,
thighs, shoulders or abdomen.  
It contains two hormones, a potent
progestin close to progesterone, and
natural estrogen.
The gel  has the same effect as the
combined oral pill, but without causing
weight gain, nausea and reduced
sexual desire.

The key ingredient is Nestorone, a new
kind of synthetic progestin that
resembles natural hormones women
The Population Council, an
international non-profit reproductive
health organization, has been testing
Nestorone. In the trial, 18 women in
their 20s and 30s used the product for
seven months. The women would
apply 30 mg a day to their arms,
thighs, shoulders or abdomens.

None became pregnant or reported
adverse effects.
It not only did prevent ovulation, but  
the women  seemed to like obtaining
contraception this way.
Unlike other hormone-based birth
control methods, the gel may even be
safe for women who are breastfeeding.

The  drug is developed by the
pharmaceutical company Antares
Pharma. It  still has to go through
years of trials, including major
comparison studies.

The Food and Drug Administration
approved a controversial new form of
emergency contraception  that can
prevent a pregnancy as many as five
days after sex.

The decision to allow the sale of the
pill, which will be marketed under the
brand name "ella," was welcomed by
family-planning proponents as a
crucial new option to prevent unwanted
pregnancies. But critics condemned
the decision, arguing that it was
misleading to approve ella as a
contraceptive because the drug could
also be used to induce an abortion.

Ella is made by French drug maker
HRA Pharma and  marketed in the US
by Watson Pharmaceuticals, which  
hopes to make ella available by the
end of 2010.

Ella, known generically as ulipristal
acetate, works as a contraceptive by
blocking progesterone's activity,
delaying the ovaries from producing an
egg. But progesterone is also needed
to prepare the womb to accept a
fertilized egg and to nurture a
developing embryo.

Ella can cut the chances of becoming
pregnant by about two-thirds for at
least 120 hours after a contraceptive
failure or unprotected sex, studies
have shown. The only other
emergency contraceptive on the
market, the so-called morning-after pill
sold as Plan B, is significantly less
effective, becomes less effectual with
each passing day and will not work
after 72 hours.
Plan B is made by Teva.

Wondfo pregnancy test strips
Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG)
is a hormone, produced by the
developing placenta shortly after the
conception and secreted into the
urine. The pregnancy test contains
antibodies which specifically react with
this hormone. WHEN TO BEGIN
TESTING The length of the menstrual
cycle is the duration from your first
menstrual bleeding day to the day
before the next bleeding begins.
Determine the length of menstrual
cycle before test.
Back in the 1930's the innovative
menstrual cup was invented as a form
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DivaCup is a modern version of this
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