Skin cancer vaccines:

Skin cancer is the uncontrolled growth
of abnormal skin cells. If left
unchecked, these cancer cells can
spread from the skin into other tissues
and organs.

There are different types of skin
cancer. Basal cell carcinoma is the
most common. Melanoma is less
common, but more dangerous.

Scientists have claimed that a new
vaccine called OncoVEX can cure skin
cancers effectively and it has also
helped patients in recovering from
melanoma at advanced stages as well.
Dr Howard Kaufman of Chicago’s Rush
University Medical Centre explains:
What surprised us was that the jab did
not have an effect just on the cells we
injected but on growths in other parts
of the body that we couldn’t reach.
BioVex, the producer of OncoVEX, is
seeking more than 400 patients for the
final phases of its testing.

(dendritic cells) for metastatic
melanoma Phase 2 trial at Chicago's
Hoag Hospital.
In this clinical trial, a patient’s own  
(‘autologous’) melanoma tumor tissue
cells are grown in a laboratory, treated
with radiation (so they cannot keep
growing), and then given back to the
patient in a series of 8 vaccinations.
•50% of patients will receive the Tumor
Cell Vaccine. This vaccine consists of
a patient’s own tumor cells that have
been treated with radiation, and added
to GM-CSF (a commercially available
immune stimulating substance) for
50% of patients will receive the
Dendritic Cell Vaccine. This vaccine is
the same as the Tumor Cell vaccine
above, except that a patient’s own
dendritic cells (specialized immune
cells) have been added.