Spine cancer radiotherapy:

A spinal tumor is a growth of cells
(mass) in or surrounding the spinal
Tumors that have spread to the spine
from another site (metastatic tumors)
often progress quickly. Primary tumors
often progress slowly over weeks to

Because Cyberknife is noninvasive, it
can treat patients who can’t endure
surgery, have a high risk for
postoperative complications, and are
too sick for chemotherapy. With
CyberKnife, treatment takes one to five
short sessions, after which patients
can immediately return to their lives. All
with far less risk, side effects, recovery
period, scarring and hospital stay than

Many spine-localized solid mass
tumors that are not resectable may still
be treatable – and effectively - by
CyberKnife. The same is true for those
that are marginally resectable.
CyberKnife can also be used
preoperatively to reduce tumor volume
to make it more easily resected.

Varian's Trilogy system: combines the
capabilities of other external beam
radiation technologies -- including
Cyberknife, Tomotherapy, and Novalis;