Testicular cancer:

Testicular cancer is cancer that starts
in the testicles, the male reproductive
glands located in the scrotum.

American researchers have shown that
MRI scans can be used to diagnose
testicular cancer without the need for
painful biopsies.
The scans were 100 per cent
successful at identifying benign tumors.
Prior surgery and histological
examination revealed 28 malignant
and 8 benign lesions in 33 patients. Of
those 36 lesions, MRI correctly
identified all 28 malignant lesions and
7/8 benign lesions.
"Medical imaging plays an important
role in the investigation of testicular
masses," said Athina C. Tsili, MD, lead
author of the study. "Sonography,
although the primary imaging
technique for the evaluation of scrotal
contents, does not always allow
confident characterization of the
nature of a testicular mass. The
purpose of our study was to assess
the role of MRI in the preoperative
characterization and local staging of
testicular masses," said Tsili.