Alzheimer’s procedures:

Alzheimer's disease (AD), is one form
of dementia that gradually gets worse
over time. It affects memory, thinking,
and behavior.

Memory impairment, as well as
problems with language, decision-
making ability, judgment, and
personality, are necessary features for
the diagnosis.

injecting a drug called Enbrel made by  
Amgen and Wyeth/Pfizer- which is
normally used  to treat arthritis - into
the spine at the neck at Institute of
Neurological Research, a private clinic
in Los Angeles.
Patients injected with the drug have
shown cognitive improvements within
minutes, according to Dr Tobinick, the

Until now, the cause of Alzheimer's has
been unclear, but thought likely to be
related to protein plaques and tangles
in the brain, leading to the death of
brain cells. Instead, Dr Tobinick
believes the primary cause of the
disease to be inflammation, which in
turn adversely affects synapse
transmission. Etanercept inhibits the
inflammatory pathways and in this way
seems to be effective in combating