Cosmetic surgery alternatives:

In June 2011 Fibrocell Science Inc.  
won U.S. approval for an injectible
wrinkle treatment that uses a patient's
own cells to restore elasticity to the

Fibrocell plans to sell the drug under
the name LaViv.

The drug will compete with Allergan
Inc.'s Botox, a toxic injection that
relaxes facial muscles, and wrinkle
fillers such as Allergan's Juvederm and
Medicis Pharmaceutical Corp. (MRX)'s
Restylane that use animal collagens or

The concept of using a patient's own
collagen-making cells is a
revolutionary way  to help reduce the
creases that extend from the sides of
the nose to the corners of the mouth.

LaViv uses regenerative cells known
as fibroblasts to treat the wrinkles
known as smile lines. The cells are
extracted from behind a patient's ear
and sent to Fibrocell's laboratory,
where they are multiplied and
harvested in a process that takes
about 50 days. The new cells are then
injected into the wrinkle site, where
they produce collagen and elastin to
add strength and support to the skin.

Two late-stage clinical trials showed
the drug, administered in three
sessions about five weeks apart,
reduced the appearance of wrinkles
for six months after the third treatment.
The medicine's effectiveness after six
months is "a topic of further study," the
company said.

Fibrocell also is testing LaViv as a
treatment for acne scars, burn scars
and periodontal disease.

Outside advisers to the FDA said in
2008 that wrinkle fillers made from
animal collagens or chemicals can
cause scarring, tissue damage and
other serious complications that may
take months to appear.

Botox, a purified form of the poison
botulinum, relaxes muscles by blocking
connections to nerves. The FDA
ordered Allergan in 2009 to strengthen
warnings that Botox may cause muscle
weakness and life-threatening
breathing or swallowing difficulties if
the toxin spreads beyond the injection

As a condition of approval, the
company will create a registry of about
2,700 patients to further evaluate the
drug's safety.


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