Esophageal Cancer:

Esophageal cancer is a cancerous
(malignant) tumor of the esophagus,
the muscular tube that moves food
from the mouth to the stomach.

Esophageal cancer is malignancy of
the esophagus. The esophagus  is  a
muscular tube through which food
passes from the pharynx to the
 Barrett's Esophagus is  an
acid reflux condition that can lead to
esophageal cancer.
The Barxx machine uses radio
frequency energy to precisely burn off
the lining of esophagus, eliminating
pre-cancerous cells.
During the last 40 years or so, cases
of esophageal cancer have grown
some 500%.  Doctors  say the Barrx
procedure will monumentally reduce
that number.
Typically in three treatments they can
not only remove the Barrett's
esophagus but also the pre-cancerous
cells as well.

According to data published in the
Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, 70% of
patients with Barrett's esophagus were
disease-free a year after treatment
with a balloon-based ablation system.
The multicenter clinical trial analyzed
100 patients diagnosed with the
precancerous condition, which is a
complication of gastroesophageal
reflux disease (GERD) affecting more
than 3 million US adults.

Patients were treated with the
HALO360 Ablation System, a
balloon-based radiofrequency device
from BARXX Medical Inc, Sunnyvale,
Calif, that removes diseased cells via
the controlled application of heat.

After the year-long period of the trial,
70% of the patients showed no
symptoms of Barrett's, and the
remaining group had near-complete
resolution of the disease. The initial
procedures were performed using
endoscopy, and follow-up visits
included frequent endoscopy with
biopsy to ensure that the disease was
fully eliminated.