Fibroids, uterine:

Uterine fibroids are noncancerous
(benign) tumors that develop in the
uterus (womb), a female reproductive
Uterine fibroids  are quite common -
affecting between 20-50% of women of
childbearing age. While many women
do not experience any problems,
symptoms can be severe enough to
require treatment.

The non-invasive, outpatient uterine
fibroids treatment is an alternative to
hysterectomy, myomectomy and UAE.
ExAblate treats uterine fibroids
(myomas) using MR-guided focused
ultrasound. More than 6000 women
have already undergone this
incisonless procedure.
Why choose the ExAblate for uterine
fibroids treatment?
- It's non-invasive - so there's no
cutting or general anesthesia  
- It's an outpatient procedure - so
there's no hospital stay   
- It has FDA approval - so it's safe for
use and reduces the risk of side
- There's a short recovery time - you'll
be back on your feet in 1-3 days.

Sonalleve MR-HIFU Fibroid Therapy
system, made by Philips , which offers
a non-invasive alternative to  the
traditional surgical treatments for
uterine fibroids in women.
1.Planning stage: 3D MRI is used to
plan and simulate the procedure
2.Non-invasive treatment stage:
high-intensity ultrasound focused onto
the fibroid elevates its temperature
and causes the tissue to coagulate,
the process being monitored and
controlled by MR imaging and feedback
3.Therapy verification stage: contrast
enhanced MRI is used to assess the


Embolization: through a catheter  tiny
plastic beads are introduced into the
arteries supplying the uterus and
fibroids and block them.  The fibroids,
thus starved of blood shrivel and die.