Health insurance innovation:

Insurance Claims Filing Services (ICFS
– specializes in
assisting US citizens with filing
insurance when care has been
received internationally. They have
had some success in securing
reimbursement for a number of HIFU
patients for work done outside the

Private Cancer insurance by Western
Provident-Association (UK);

Medical tourism related: Doctors Care
in South Carolina offers employees the
option of medical tourism through their
insurance provider, Blue Cross Blue

Hannaford Brothers Company, a
supermarket chain in Maine, who uses
Aetna insurance to promote medical
tourism in Singapore for its employees;

Intermountain Health Care (IHC) even
created a medical-value travel

U. S. facilities and medical tourism
countries associated:

Weill Cornell Medical College, New
York - Doha, Qatar;

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
and Doha, Qatar;

Duke Medicine, North Carolina with

John Hopkins Medicine, Maryland and

Columbia University Medical Center,
New York with Philippines;