LED (Light Emitting Diode) Light

NASA research has inspired the use of
LED lights.  LED therapy is used on
the Space Station and by the U.S.
submarine fleet for pain relief and
wound healing.
Red and near-infrared light
wavelengths have positive effects on
injured cells. The light triggers an
instant response to create ATP
(Adenosine-5'-triphosphate), which is
cellular energy. The light also
increases both DNA and RNA
functions. Light emitting diodes (LEDs)
deliver this healing light. LEDs aren't
strong enough to cause damage to
tissue yet the light provides the energy
for the body to heal itself.

Red LED light therapy is used by
physical therapists  and other medical
professionals to treat sports injuries of
the shins, back, elbows, shoulders,
hips, arms, knees, feet, ankles, groin
and leg muscles.
Red LED light therapy emits red or
infrared wavelengths (from either an
adjustable overhead or handheld
device) to penetrate surface skin
The photons penetrate surface tissues
and are instantly absorbed by the
underlying cells' mitochondria (cell
components involved in energy
production). The stimulation triggers
rapid cell functioning and regeneration.
Also: Skin that shows unwanted
aesthetic irregularities that are of no
specific medical condition and are
merely the signs of aging and sun
damage will likely be treated with red
light therapy.

blue light for acne;

This technology uses a filtered
flashlamp to emit high-intensity,
plasma energy-filled laser beams. The
energy-filled lasers are channeled
through the epidermis (the outermost
layers of the skin), targeted to reach
the unwanted cells of the dermis (the
deeper skin layers). The unwanted
skin cells, such as those that have
accumulated an abundance of
melanin, are dissolved or destroyed by
the precisely aimed beams. The
surrounding cells remain untouched.
The promotion of new cell growth is the
key function of the treatment, as this is
the function that yields "newer" and
"younger" skin.
This procedure is repeated in a series
of six treatments, every three to four
weeks, in order to achieve optimal

Deep penetrating light therapy
(abbreviated DPLT) is a form of
medical treatment using light-emitting
diodes. DPLT has been suggested for
the treatment of pain reduction, wound
healing, acne and wrinkle reduction.
Laboratory studies have shown that
skin cells grow 150-200% faster when
exposed to certain LED light